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FAI is a combination of IP Firms and IP prosecutors based in US, UK and EU providing customized global intellectual property services. As an international but personal private practice, FAI has a special focus on all matters relating to procuring Patents, Registered Trademarks, Registered Designs and Utility Model statutory rights before government IP offices and other right granting authorities.

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Clients enjoy unparalleled benefits of a personal but international private practice as a result of our transatlantic team focused on patent/IP office proceedings.

In addition to clients having easy access to the FAI US, FAI UK and FAI EU teams handling US and European IP matters, FAI IP has a highly established network of foreign associates including quality IP firms in all the major IP jurisdictions such as China, Europe, South East Asia and Central and South America for handling foreign IP prosecution globally.

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Solutions tailored to your business

FAI represents entrepreneurs, startups, and established enterprises and multinational companies throughout the US, UK, mainland Europe and worldwide including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Our startup clients range from seed stage / pre revenue ($0 valuation) all the way up to acquisition stage. One of our high tech clients was recently acquired for half a billion US dollars.

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We Figure Out What Is Right For You

At FAI, we recognize that each client has different business and IP needs. We also recognize that there are a range of different IP strategies available for handling domestic and international IP portfolios. We help our clients understand what their IP options are and figure out a customized IP strategy that aligns with their business objectives, budget and overall vision.

Exceptional Technical & Brand Expertise

FAI practitioners have many years of experience as registered practitioners before the patent/IP offices and are highly focused on patent, trademark and design proceedings. Our team of patent practitioners has exceptional technical and business expertise in science and engineering so that they really understand the language of technology enabling them to effectively transform invention assets into meaningful and useful rights.

Our patent team includes practitioners with PhDs and extensive technical and business backgrounds in research laboratories and industry. Our trademark practitioners appreciate the power of brands and how they can add substantial value to brand conscious companies.