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The FAI European Patent Attorney & UK IP Consulting Firm with EPO and UKIPO representation provides EP, UK-based and global IP strategy and management including invention harvesting, searching, patent landscape analysis, drafting, filing and prosecution of patents, patent valuation, and worldwide patent management (renewals, register changes etc.).

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Use our transatlantic patent team to protect your inventions all over the world. The team includes Patent Attorneys registered to practice patent law before the UKIPO, EPO, and WIPO and formally accepted to represent before the Unified Patent Court for the EU. We are ideally placed to handle your patent filing and prosecution in any country.

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Our clients operate in various industrial sectors (financial, retail, health care and biotech, education, manufacturing, semiconductors, transport, communications, construction, energy, mining, agriculture) and in a range of technological arts including optics, electronics, physics, biotech, software, mechanical, chemical, nuclear. In addition to established technologies in these sectors, we cover cutting edge technologies in the high tech sector, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical and pharmaceutical chemistry industries.

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Patentability & Novelty searches
Landscape Search & Analysis
Invention Harvesting
Worldwide Patent Filing & Prosecution
IP management & Renewals
Drafting, Filing & Prosecuting European Patent applications
Validating European Patent applications in up to 34 countries (both EU & Non EU)
Validating European Patent applications as a unitary patent (covering 17 EU countries)
EPO Oppositions
EPO Appeals
The Unified Patent Court (UPC) Infringement and Validity Actions
UPC Opt Ins / Opt Outs
EP Infringement and Validity Opinions


A single application procedure under the European Patent Convention (EPC) provides for the grant of a single European patent. After grant and following certain formalities, the European patent leads to the grant of a bundle of national patents and/or a Unitary Patent (covering 17 EU countries). You can decide to apply for protection in some or all of the member countries to the EPC. A European patent application can be filed and prosecuted in English.

A European patent gives the patentee the same rights as a national patent in each country for which it is granted. Anyone using the patented invention without the consent of the patentee in those countries designated will generally be infringing the patent.

A European patent protects the way that a product , machine or process works. The invention must be:

  • susceptible of industrial application
  • new
  • involve an inventive step (must differ sufficiently from what is already known)

For protecting the way a product looks (Design), see Community Registered Design.

Potentially all member countries of the European Patent Convention (EPC). For a list of member countries, click here. Note there are countries in addition to those of the European Union that are members of the EPC. The European patent may be validated as a bundle of individual national patents in the EPC member countries and/or as aUnitary Patent having unitary effect in 17 EU countries.

20 years from filing the application, assuming the annual renewal fees are paid.

Yes, due annually starting after two years of the filing date of the European patent application. Following grant, annual fees are due in each country for any individually validated national patents. For any Unitary Patent,annual fees are dueat the Unified Patent Court. Patent(s) will lapse in those jurisdictions for which annual fees are not paid without affecting patent rights remaining in other countries.


If you disclosed your invention to the public before first filing a priority patent application covering the invention, it is not possible to obtain European patent protection. In some other foreign countries, it may still be possible. We can help you maximize protection if you have already disclosed your invention – contact us as soon as possible.

There are some situations when it is still possible to file later. Contact us to determine if filing is still possible and the implications of doing this.

Refiling of a patent application is only possible in some circumstances. Contact us to determine if you are eligible to refile and the implications of doing this.

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